Morgan Abattoir

Wholesale and Deboning Facility


Morgan Abattoir is a beef export-approved abattoir or slaughterhouse, meat wholesaler, beef deboning plant and offal distributor, situated in the Springs Industrial area on the East Rand. Our beef is derived from our feedlot, Morgan Agri, in the Delmas district as well as other carefully selected, registered feedlots.

We are also equipped to slaughter lamb and sheep. We cater to the local retail and wholesale markets and also export frozen and chilled meat products to international clientele.


Our wholesale section markets and distributes all our beef sides, fore- and hind-quarters as well as the primal beef cuts processed in our deboning section. We carry out weekly deliveries across South Africa, as well as internationally, and our clients also have the option of collecting their meat directly from the abattoir.


Morgan Abattoir deboning section is a highly streamlined operation and operates according to all the necessary health codes and regulatory laws governing the meat processing industry. 

The carcasses are prepared by the wholesale section and cut into hind and forequarters. The Deboning section then processes the quarters into different primal cuts (Rump, Sirloin, Fillet, Topside, Silverside, Knuckle etc.). Thereafter the primal cuts are trimmed from any excess fat, bone, sinew and tendons. Additional cuts and / or trimmings can also be done as per customer requirements.

After the trimming process the products are inspected and placed into Cryovac shrink bags that are vacuum-sealed and steam-tunneled to ensure a good quality and long shelf life product.

Thereafter the products are sent to the packaging section where they are individually labeled and weighed before being boxed for export or local markets, either fresh or frozen, depending on the needs of our customers.

Meat Cuts

At Morgan Beef, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our perfectly trimmed primal beef cuts. To view examples of the different primal cuts supplied by our deboning section, click on the icons below:

Other Products | Lamb

Morgan Abattoir also procures and supplies whole lambs to the local market.

Other Products | Offal

Offal is divided into 2 main categories, namely Red (Clean) and Green (Dirty) offal. Each category consists of different by-products which can be purchased from the abattoir. Offal sets are also sold from the abattoir and can be purchased either directly at our Offal division or ordered and distributed via our Wholesale division.

Red (Clean) Offal

Ox Tail





Thin Skirt

Thick Skirt

Milt / Spleen


Green (Dirty) Offal

Large / Black Tripe

Small Tripe / Bible


Clean Cow Heels

Dirty Cow Heels