Cattle delivery

Morgan Beef provides most of our cattle for processing as we are part of the same Group of Companies. We’re an arm’s length away when it comes to quality and traceability assurance.

Morgan Abattoir also buy directly from other feedlots and farmers where the same quality and traceability can be guaranteed and there are no commission charges for marketing directly to us.

We focus on building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

By adhering to the above it gives us the confidence to process the cattle with pride and that our meat products that we supply to the market is that of a very high grade and standard.

Slaughtering process

Upon animal arrival the animals are placed into holding pens to rest and become calm after their transportation to our facility. The pens are big enough for the animals to walk around, lie down and drink water. All animals are handled with respect and in a humane manner.

By doing this we can ensure that our product quality and shelf life is of the highest standard.

Stunning and slaughtering are done in accordance with all guidelines, rules and regulations as stipulated in the Meat Safety Act 40 of 2000 and other regulating bodies.

After stunning and dressing (skinning) there are three basic further processes:

  • Hides are sent to our hides processing facility, Morgan Hides situated in Brits
  • Offal is split into the two categories for further processing:
    • Red or clean offal
    • Green or dirty offal
  • The dresses (skin off and offal out) carcass is washed, graded and stored in a cold room to reach the required deep bone temperature.

DeboningDeboning and Packaging

Morgan Abattoir Deboning section is a very streamlined operation and operates according to all the health codes and regulatory laws governing this type of industry.

The carcasses are prepared by the wholesale section and cut into hind and fore quarters. Deboning section then cut or break down the quarters into different primal cuts. (Rump, Sirloin, T-bone, Fillet, Chuck, Brisket etc.) Thereafter the primal cuts are trimmed from any excess fat, bone, sinew and tendons or extra cut and trim can be done as per customer requirements.

After the trimming process the products are inspected and placed into cryovac shrink bags that are vacuumed sealed and steam tunneled to ensure a good quality and long shelf life product.

Thereafter the products are sent to the packaging section where products are individually labeled and weight before being boxed for export or local market either fresh or frozen, depending on the needs of our customers.

Another company in the Morgan Group of Companies, Morgan Air Cargo handles our export by air or sea freight.


Our wholesale section markets all our beef quarters, other types of quarter cuts, carcasses and primal beef cuts from our deboning section.

We do deliveries from Monday to Friday and Saturdays if required of our products primarily in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo but we also do larger order deliveries all over South Africa and other countries as the need requires.

We also offer the service and opportunity to our customers that want to collect their meat directly from the abattoir.


Offal is split into the two categories for further separate processing, being:

  • Red or clean offal and
  • Green or dirty offal

Each type of offal is washed and cleaned, chilled and either sold fresh to our direct collecting customers daily or packaged, boxed and frozen for later selling.

As mentioned, customers may collect themselves or we arrange deliveries of our frozen offal products.


The hides which are skinned from the animals in the slaughtering process are sent to our hides factory in Brits, Morgan Hides, which processes the skins into wet hide products for the automotive industry.