We pride ourselves on the way the farm is managed and maintained to ensure that the end product on your plate is succulent and full of rich meaty flavour. We are proud of our product and this reflects in the quality of our meats which are produced for local and export markets.


Use of land

  • We cultivate 2400 Ha with Crop Rotation
  • We also cultivate 1000 Ha of Soya beans
  • Additionally we also cultivate 1400 Ha of Maize of which 400Ha are sown for silage
  • 150 Ha of the land is under constant irrigation
  • Our target is approximately 15000 tonnes of silage per annum
  • We bale 10,000 grass bales per annum
  • All soya remainders are also baled

Cattle processing

  • Feedlot

    • Purchasing with Ideal ratio of 70 / 30 oxen to cow
    • Processing 230kg meat beef breeds
    • Cattle gets RFID tagged with required vaccination procedures
    • Cattles are then sorted per weight categories


  • In the veld

    • Cattle are on veld for at least 30 days until correct weight is reached
    • They are then re processed according to weight
    • We deworm, weigh and sort them again
    • 90 days after purchase, they are inoculated and weighed again and sorted accordingly
    • Go to market